Tarot for Spiritual Growth (Live Online)

February 15th, 6 pm to 8 pm Pacific
Location: Your House via Zoom!

Hello Tarot Enthusiasts!

Experience the Tarot For Spiritual Growth with Meditation, Visualization, Intentional Writing, and Mysticism.

Spiritual tools connect us to our deepest selves, and the Tarot offers a tool to meet these spiritual gems with a Beginner's Mind. Each time we pull a card, we have an opportunity to connect, to feel, to grow. We'll be working with the Tarot through:

Meditation: There are many ways to meditate from chanting, empty mind, to candle gazing. We'll be exploring various ways, and then experience meditation through the Tarot.

Visualization: A form of meditation, visualization with a Tarot card can open up deep places within us, give us beautiful motivating ideas, and take us farther along our spiritual path.

Intentional Writing: Taking our intentional thoughts and bringing them through our bodies, our arms, and hands and onto the page (not the computer!) has huge impact on stuck thoughts, spiritual ruts, and can create big "AHA" moments. Intentional Writing with Tarot is a spiritual experience that takes us beyond our limited and brief thoughts to our open hearts.

Mysticism: It is said that the purpose of mysticism is to create a direct connection with the Divine, the Universe, God/Goddess, or All-That-Is. One way to experience this is through contemplation with the Tarot, and we'll do this in a very hands-on way.

You will also be doing readings for yourself to ascertain how you can connect more deeply to the Divine.

Cost: $15

Sally Dubats is a published author and has guided sacred rituals and workshops for over twenty years. She teaches and lectures about Tarot, and is the founder of the Portland Tarot Guild, a member of the American Tarot Association, and views the Tarot as a beautiful vehicle to understanding our personal archetypes, and the gateway to our Highest Selves.


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Sally commands the room with grace and ancient wisdom. Her class is interactive, inquisitive and equally open-hearted and open-minded. She gives you practical tools that you can learn the deep information with and still reference on your journey well after the class has ended. I've actually thought about taking it again just to see what new insights might arrive! She builds a sweet little community in her classes. Her thoughtful presentation of the tarot's wisdom is impressive and fun! ~ Tracy T.

This is a fantastic class - Sally is a wonderful teacher! - Maria

I have tried other Tarot classes and came away trying to remember cards. This class was SO different. I came away really seeing the cards and understanding them from a metaphysical standpoint - from many dimensions! If you want to learn the Tarot, take Sally's class! Tori H.

Sally is able to read a room full of people and direct their energy towards a common goal that somehow serves every individual in some kind of way. She can feel the common pulse and use it to promote introspection, connection and healing. ~ Ivana

Sally is an excellent creator and facilitator of Sacred Space. Her knowledge and resources are unlimited. Sally's capability to transform a person's experience is a gift. I have had the privilege to work with her in a group atmosphere where she shares her many ways of delivering a life changing shift. She delivers with grace, sincerity, and humor. She is the most integrated being, with the biggest heart, I have had the pleasure of meeting. ~ Melissa D.

You'll definitely want to take the journey she unfolds for you! ~ J.D.