Bellyfit® at Cascadia House


Beginning a new class of any kind can be a big step that takes courage. This is about you feeling good, refreshed, and renewed. It's also a great way to meet wonderful women. If you are new, know that you will feel welcomed, comfortable, and safe; you are encouraged to move at your own pace. Please be assured, Bellyfit® is a judgment-free space, and we are saying NO MORE to the judgment of women's bodies and saying YES to feeling great. And - Bellyfit® is just plain FUN!

MOVEMENT: By Women. For Women. Bellyfit® classes are intelligently designed to give you the full body workout you need, the mental calm you deserve, and the spiritual connection you crave. Each class is inspired by 3 main movement practices:

  1. Fitness = familiarity and effectiveness
  2. Dance (African, Indian and Belly Dance) = JOY!
  3. Yoga = spiritual connection + core, breath, and alignment

MUSIC: Beyond the physical, into the heart and soul! The music used in a Bellyfit® class is unlike anything you will ever hear in another fitness class. Just as the choreography for Bellyfit® is inspired by many cultural elements, ancient and modern, so is the Bellyfit® music. Definitely NOT your typical aerobics top-40 mashup cover music!

DANCE is built into our DNA, but many of us have lost the connection to this ancient rite. It's time we find it experience necessary.

Let's Get Moving:

What to bring: Indoor Gym Shoes for the first half of the class. Some participants prefer bare feet, usually if they have previous experience with barefoot movement. We will be travelling and pivoting so it's nice to give the feet, ankles, and knees that extra bit of support. (The Cascadia Room is carpeted, so please ensure gym shoes are clean and free of debris.)

What to Wear: What you wear for running, dancing, or yoga will be great for Bellyfit® - or grab whatever stretchies you have and maybe a sports bra...things do tend to bounce around a bit and we'll do our best to heat things up!

Water. Sweat and burning stress creates a need for hydration. Keep your energy high by staying hydrated during class.

A FRIEND Studies show that women especially are more likely to stick to their workout for the long haul with a workout partner to help keep you inspired, motivated and accountable. The benefits of sharing conversation with your girlfriends are just as valuable as the shimmies, squats and lunges you just did. Share the love and bring a friend.

Time: Thursday Evenings, 6:15 to 7:45.

Bellyfit® is more than a "workout." It's an experience. The actual class is from 6:30 to 7:30. The 15 minute "buffer" is to let go of the day, to arrive, stretch, settle in, and say hello to friends. The last 15 minutes is to integrate your experience and join in our sharing circle - a great way to form community and get to know the women you're dancing with.

Location: Cascadia House, Vancouver, WA. Semi-Private (max 7), boutique classes take place in the Cascadia Room. Minnehaha area residence given upon registration (address on emailed receipt)

Cost: $10 each drop-in session.

Questions: I would love to hear from you with any questions. Feel free to email me at


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